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With decades of experience in lifestyle coaching and personal development, Robbert Nuis has guided multitudes of professionalsrobbert nuis zinn consulting contact us from businesses of all sizes, helping them to achieve their goals.

A multicultural counselor, certified Master NLP practitioner, and author, Robbert approaches each new day with an open mind. As founder of Expatriate Counseling, Robbert has gained valuable insights from each of his clients over the years, using the powerful lessons he’s learned to help further individuals.

From aiding digital nomads in overcoming personal challenges to advising Fortune 500 company executives, Robbert strives to better his clientele, helping them live healthier and happier lives.



Since 2004, Robbert has traveled, worked, and lived in numerous countries across the world, gaining a profound understanding of expatriate life along the way. No stranger to the ups and downs of a globetrotting lifestyle, Robbert endeavors to help his ex-pat clients overcome the challenges of transitioning to a new home, as well as supporting them in their personal lives.

Robbert provides counsel on a wide range of personal matters, including:

  • Personal Development
  • Family, Marriage, and Relationships
  • Cultural Orientation
  • Social Integration
  • Relocation
  • Personal Lifestyle
  • Careers


Throughout his lifestyle coaching career, Robbert has helped professionals from all walks of life discover their strengths and overcome obstacles, allowing them to fully enjoy their lives. He has previously worked with top executives from Fortune 500 companies including Apple, Microsoft, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Adidas, Nike, and Shell.


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