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Driven by founder Gary Zinn, Nuis-Zinn Consulting Company LTD was formed in 2020 with the purpose of facilitating all aspects of business in Thailand.  Gary’s decades of commercial experience and cultivated expertise in Thai business protocols ensure that any business plan can be executed seamlessly and resourcefully.


About Gary Zinn

Gary Zinn’s career in finance began in 1988, as a registered representative for the National Association of Securities Dealers, where he gained extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions. Since this initial introduction to the world of finance, Gary’s career has seen him travel across the world, undertaking a multitude of professional roles.


From July 2019 until present, Gary has been the Managing Director of the National Justice and Law Alliance, a non-profit, U.S-based organization that works towards helping rehabilitated prisoners reintegrate into society. His work at the N.J.L.A has seen him generating proceeds for the organization, securing grants from other philanthropic organizations, hiring personnel, and designing and executing their website and online content. Gary is also the Regional Director of StayPrime, a Bangkok-based golf service company. Having joined the company in July 2014, Gary works closely with the CEO and has played an instrumental role in implementing StayPrime’s marketing plans while facilitating business relationships between the company and local golf courses.


From September 2016 to October 2018, Gary was CEO and Director for the HE Clinic for Men. He hired contractors and supervised all aspects of buildout. He also recruited doctors and nurses and hired equipment. He implemented all marketing programs, including aesthetics, sexual performance, anti-aging, hair (FUE and FUT), nutrition, and life coaching. Gary’s contributions led to profitability within the first 14 Months and staggering growth in the second year of operations.

From 2010 until 2017, Gary worked as the Managing Director of Pinnacle Consulting Group, where he was responsible for assisting foreign companies in entering the Kingdom of Thailand. From consultations on licensing requirements to leasing office space, to hiring employees, Gary played a crucial part in enabling companies to conduct business within the country.


From 1998 until 2013, Gary was the owner and Managing Director of China Commercial Trade Co. LTD (Thailand), an umbrella company of China CommTrade Inc. USA. Based in Los Angeles, Bangkok, Beijing, and London, this multi-national company was responsible for assisting foreign corporations in implementing their corporate structures worldwide. From hiring employees to instigating security protocols, to facilitating licensing and visa documents, Gary worked alongside local immigration and government officials to implement all aspects of business development, adhering to local regulations and laws in 4 locations.


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